Our story

In 1968, a group of young doctors and medical students from Turin decided to take action to guarantee the right to health for all: Comitato Collaborazione Medica (CCM) was born.


In Kenya

Our first international cooperation project was in Kenya in 1970, in the rural Eldama Ravine Hospital.This means that we have been in Kenya for nearly 50 years, and we are now in Nairobi and in the Isiolo area. The first health programs are launched in 1982 at Sololo and Tabaka Hospitals. In 1994 we implemented a program on sexual and preventive health services at the slums of Nairobi with Nazareth Hospital.


In Sud Sudan

In 1983, we set up the first training course for local health workers in Wau and Wad Medani. We are still there, despite war, violence and logistical difficulties, supporting the hospitals in Turalei, Tonj and Maria Lou, as well as the area’s healthcare centres.


In Ethiopia, Burundi, Uganda and Somalia

Our first project in Ethiopia dates back to 1983. Since then, we have continued our work in Bale Zone, in Tigray and in Somali Region. We have been in Burundi since 1992, especially in Cibitoke where we have built a transfusion centre, improved its hospital and established a neonatal unit: 25 years in maternal and child health. In 1997, we set up the rehabilitation and physiotherapy program at Lacor Hospital in Uganda. We have been in Somalia since 2004, where we continue to battle against the great pandemics, especially tuberculosis.


In Italy

Since 1978, CCM in Italy has been committed to providing training for doctors who want to join missions in Africa. We now continue this training through our Global Health Course and scientific meetings. Thanks to the knowledge and skills developed in Africa, we are able to organise multicultural training workshops for health workers, in collaboration with many local health authorities. In Turin we are now collaborating in the management of two clinics for those most in need. Since 2005, we have been working in schools, bringing students and teachers together to discuss important topics, such as discrimination and bullying.

Comitato Collaborazione Medica CCM is a NGO committed to promote the right to health and ensure access to essential health care in Africa and in Italy. For 50 years, we have been building upon the skills of local health workers to ensure the provision of quality care to the most vulnerable communities. 

Smiles of African Mothers is CCM’s Campaign 


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