health community agent trained

people treated and sensitized

shepherds trained on health of their own herds

ONE HEALTH integrated approach. North Horr

Over the last 3 years, CCM has been investing on One Health as a programmatic strategy. One Health is an integrated approach to the health sphere, being aware human, animal and environmental health are strictly intertwined. In particular, we are starting a new project in Marsabit County (North Horr sub-county), focusing on One Health with the nomadic pastoral community of the area. The project aims at improving the access and coordination of human and animal health servicesand of early warning and response systems to dangerous events that could put the shepherds  communities’ health in North Horr sub-county at risk.

In particular, the project shall:
Improve the access, prompt reference and coordination of the sanitary and vet servicesfor shepherd communities and their livestock, through the involvement of health community agents and the implementation of mobile clinic activities

Increase the shepherd communities awareness of good hygienic practices, risks of animal-to-man zoonosis transmission and the common prevention measures

Diversifying families saving capabilities and reducing their economic vulnerability due to sanitary and vet expenses.

Improving the decision-making processes and the prompt response actions to climatic changes, through the integration of the environmental traditional knowledge with sustainable scientific-technological.

With¬†VSF Germany –¬†Veterinarians without Borders¬†Germany,¬†TriM – Translate into Meaning, and¬†DIST –¬†Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning.

What you can do

15 euro

guarantee material for a day visit with the mobile clinic (gauze, plasters, disinfectant, saline solution)

40 euro

guarantee health workers and fuel for a day visit with the mobile clinic

100 euro

guarantee materials for health analysis and status of animals (test tubes, reagents, syringes)


Comitato Collaborazione Medica CCM is a NGO committed to promote the right to health and ensure access to essential health care in Africa and in Italy. For 50 years, we have been building upon the skills of local health workers to ensure the provision of quality care to the most vulnerable communities. 

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