health workers and veterinarians trained

people visited and treated thanks to the mobile clinic

Awareness raised/people educated on hygiene and health

ONE HEALTH approach. In Filtu

80% of the population in the Somali region are shepherds. Due to their constant movement around the region and their cultural and behavioural dynamics, shepherds are rarely inclined to resort to conventional health services. In this region, health services are scarce and insufficient. This contributes to critical health indicators in the area, characterized by high infant mortality rates and a high incidence of infectious diseases, particularly zoonosis (diseases transmitted from animals to humans).

Recognizing the close connection and interaction between shepherds, the environment and animals, the project intends to use the One Health approach. This promotes an integrated model of human, animal and environmental health which is well adapted to the characteristics and needs of the nomadic shepherds. 
Action is focused in the Filtu and Dekasuftu districts in the Liben zone of the Somali region.

The One Health approach focuses on the interrelation of human, animal and environmental health. It aims to develop cross-sectorial and cross-level interventions which address and reduce health risks.

One Health is thus closely linked to nutritional outcomes: it contributes to sufficient and safe food from healthy animals and environment through veterniary and environmental and agricultural services and it promotes a diverse micro-nutrient rich diet. In the frame of this approach CCM developed a project in Filtu, in partnership with CISP, in order to strengthen the strategies of prevention of health and veterinary emergencies and the resilience of postoralist communities. 

What you can do

15 euro

guarantee material for a day visit with the mobile clinic (gauze, plasters, disinfectant, saline solution)

40 euro

guarantee health workers and fuel for a day visit with the mobile clinic 

100 euro

guarantee materials for health analysis and status of animals (test tubes, reagents, syringes)


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