Health education sessions for different migrants’ groups

Migrants’ health

Most migrants have grown-up in countries with traditional systems of care, where health service organization is different from high-income countries. Moreover, most common diseases in their countries of origin are extremely rare in Italy and, vice versa, migrants lack knowledge on most common diseases of receiving countries. Usually, cultural, linguistic and bureaucratic barriers greatly hinder migrants’ access to and use of any available preventive or curative services.

CCM engages health professionals highly skilled in intercultural relations in the organization of health education sessions for different migrants’ groups (e.g. asylum-seekers, mums’ groups, diaspora associations). Common health topics are: prevention of infectious diseases and sexually-transmitted infections, hygienic practices, mother-and-child health, drug use, first aid and guidance to local health services.

Il Comitato Collaborazione Medica è un’associazione che da 50 anni coinvolge medici, personale sanitario e comunità, in Africa e in Italia, per promuovere e assicurare il diritto alla salute, a tutti.
Sorrisi di madri africane è la campagna del Comitato Collaborazione Medica.


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