Health Promotion

Health promotion includes all activities enabling individuals to gain control over and improve their health status. We have strong expertise in a specific range of health promotion activities:

We have strong expertise in a specific range of health promotion activities:


Sexual and emotional health

We offer to pre-adolescents and adolescents health education activities, paying attention not only to sexual education clinical components but also to the emotional aspects of intimate relations. This approach aims to foster safe and healthy sexual-related choices and respectful behaviours. 


Health education for migrants and vulnerable groups

Most migrants do not know neither how local health systems are organized neither which are the most common health risks in receiving countries. Hence, we offer them health education sessions to facilitate access to health services, promote mother-and-child health and encourage health-seeking behaviours. Also among Italians, the number of poor people facing health risks is on the rise. Together with local charities, we offer them information sessions on different health topics, helping them to prevent and afford sickness and disease.


Healthy life-styles education

Chronic diseases can be prevented! Countering physical inactivity, tobacco and alcohol abuse and obesity enables people to live better and longer lives. Workplace is a key setting to reach and sensitize youths and adults on healthy life-styles, with the twofold purpose of fostering active ageing and children’s health. CCM collaborates with the corporate sector, organizing corporate welfare programmes to answer employees’ health-related needs.  


Community health

Human caring and social life do positively influence health status. Based on our experience in Africa, also in Italy we co-design with local communities initiatives meant at promoting their prosperity and wellbeing and enabling their members to take an active role in change-making. We have started our action from, one of Turin neighborhoods, ‘Barriera di Milano’.    

Our projects: 

Adolescence, emotions and sexuality

Migrants’ health

Michelin, healthy workplaces


Il Comitato Collaborazione Medica è un’associazione che da 50 anni coinvolge medici, personale sanitario e comunità, in Africa e in Italia, per promuovere e assicurare il diritto alla salute, a tutti.
Sorrisi di madri africane è la campagna del Comitato Collaborazione Medica.


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