Counselling and primary health care to marginalized people

Health centers for vulnerable groups

Based upon an agreement with the local CBOs “Servizi Vincenziani per Senza Fissa Dimoraand “La Carità di Santa Luisa 24”, CCM and World Friends manage together two health centers in Turin, providing counselling and primary health care to marginalized people that, for many reasons, cannot get access to public health services. These centers are open 2 or 3 days/week thanks to the engagement of a large group of volunteers (i.e. medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, physiotherapists), providing their expertise and time for free.

CCM and World Friends ensure the coordination, training and mentorships of volunteers, pharmaceuticals procurements and the referral to concerned health services, to facilitate the treatment of patients in need of further examination or specialized care. Periodically, we carry out need assessments and share views and ideas with our volunteers and partners to figure out how to improve and strengthen this service

Il Comitato Collaborazione Medica è un’associazione che da 50 anni coinvolge medici, personale sanitario e comunità, in Africa e in Italia, per promuovere e assicurare il diritto alla salute, a tutti.
Sorrisi di madri africane è la campagna del Comitato Collaborazione Medica.


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