Importance of respecting and promoting differences is key to develop inclusive and fair societies

Fight against discriminations

Differences can generate unmotivated fears and validate stereotypes that contribute to marginalize individuals or groups, considered ‘different’ (or dangerous) due to their nationality, religion, social group, physical aspect or status. These persons are more and more victims of verbal or physical attacks and violence, both offline and online. In Italy, women, migrants, the ROMA and LGBT communities are the most targeted groups. Sensitizing children on the importance of respecting and promoting differences is key to develop inclusive and fair societies. 


Therefore, CCM collaborates with many primary and secondary schools in Turin and Cuneo, organizing extra-curricula education activities for pupils and teachers.
These courses facilitate the development of sensitive life-skills (i.e. empathy, critical thinking, effective relations) and non-judgmental and anti-discriminatory attitudes. For the past few years, we have also collaborated with Cuneo Michelin factory, involving a group of employees in school education sessions focusing on workplace discrimination.

Il Comitato Collaborazione Medica è un’associazione che da 50 anni coinvolge medici, personale sanitario e comunità, in Africa e in Italia, per promuovere e assicurare il diritto alla salute, a tutti.
Sorrisi di madri africane è la campagna del Comitato Collaborazione Medica.


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