Access to water

748 millions of people (1 in 8) in the world live without the access to drinking water. 2,5 billion of people live without sanitations due to wars and natural disaster. Situation in South Sudan is so serious for the whole population, especially more vulnerable groups like women and children, increasing the diffusion of diseases. The gravity of the situation is riflected in, for example, high taxes mortality for gastrointestinal causes, especially in children.

We are committed to improve access to drinking water and the presence of sanitation in the Greater Tonj Area (Tonj East and South) and in Turalei Hospital. 

Since 2018, thanks to the project in memory of Marco Sicuro, doctor and CCM volunteer, we prepared the ground for the improvement of the access to water in health facilities of the area. 

The project

Comitato Collaborazione Medica CCM is a NGO committed to promote the right to health and ensure access to essential health care in Africa and in Italy. For 50 years, we have been building upon the skills of local health workers to ensure the provision of quality care to the most vulnerable communities. 

Smiles of African Mothers is CCM’s Campaign 


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